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For experienced freelance translator/interpretator 400 euro per day

In the European Union daily  are engaged between 700 and 800 interpreters and translators for 50-60 meetings. The Directorate for Translation employs about 500 translators/interpreters and freelance as recruit over 2,800 translators. Frilenserite and occasionally hired translators, while beginners get 310 per day, plus all other costs for travel and accommodation, and after you spend 25 days working in European institutions receive experienced freelance status and logs of 400 euros.

How to become a good translator

Now that you know what a good translator can earn working as a translator or interpreter for the EU you should also know how to become one good translator. Even if you speak some foreign language very well that doesn’t make you a good translator. You must gain experience through training as a translator and you must have a pretty good idea about the subject that you are translating.
A good translator-interpretor only accepts jobs related to his/her field of studies and only translate to your native(mother) language. No matter how good you are at that foreign language you will always have only one mother tongue and will never learn it as well as the natives do. I lived in Sweden for 25 years, studied business administration and computer sciences and myself, I only translate from Swedish to Macedonian, in the fields of Economy and computers. My personal opinion is that would be unfair to translate these subjects to an other language. Here in Macedonia we have plenty of translators who can hardly speak the Swedish language but they still are translating various documents no matter what the subject is.

How to do the work

So once you’ve got the interpretation, you only open up the Word document and replace the initial text, right? Some translators may match like that, however it’s awfully inefficient and cumbersome for the types of documents I translate! Todays computers are not only type writers and there are many programs that could assit you in your translating work. We’ve got pc assisted  Translation (CAT) tools (not to be confused with Machine Translations like Google Translate) that facilitate you when you translate and make your work expeditiously. It is particularly helpful in translations with revenant vocabulary (medical, legal, technical etc.). These tools will manufacture a file referred to as a Translation Memory (TM), that allows you to or alternative translators work with constant theme later and not lose consistency in word, and you’ll be able to even translate quicker because it points out and mechanically replaces repetitions.
For those curious about starting with this, i like to recommend putting in the free Open supply CAT tool OmegaT (along with the free Open workplace suite). It is a good tool but sadly, several clients abundant value more highly to work with the TMs created by Trados, that is kind of overpriced. After all this years using other CAT tools I made an investment this year and bought Trados and I do really like the interface. So now I can work for them who insist on using Trados. I accustomed work with Wordfast, that I additionally quite liked . If you’d prefer to purchase these programs go to Proz web site and order from them since they can  offer you the programs cheaper then anyone else. While you are there register yourself as a translator. There is quite learning curb with these programs, therefore it’s positively higher to start out with the free versions and maybe you’ll never got to change!


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