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Social Media Integration

Integrating Websites with Social Media

Our website designs includes integration with the Social Media networks like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

For most businesses, it is natural to be on the internet. Most often this is done through a website where you can showcase the company and its operations. Increasingly often choose companies that also appear on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ETC. We have long worked with consultation on how companies should act and exist on social media. We also offer that we can help you integrate social media on your website. When we make your website you can add your Facebook feed or “like buttons”. Through a thoughtful way to get into the social media on your website makes it easy for customers to follow what is happening in your business right now. By that you are actively using social media becomes so your website never out of date. We help you to find your way in the jungle with features and capabilities that are offered in the social media.
Most of us are spending hours on the Social Networking sites sharing things with our friends. This gives you an oportunity to promote your business, your products, services or ideas to many potential customers who are also using these social networks – for free.
Please let us know if you want to find out more about how you can make use of social networking websites to show your brand, services or products.

Why Social media integration is so important today?

More and more companies are realizing the importance of being seen in social media. The biggies on the market today are undoubtedly Facebook, followed by Google+ and other actors such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In and various blogs. Your presence on the Social media nrtworks affects Google’s hit list and that is a very good reason to appear in social media. There are several aspects. Above all, it creates platforms for meetings, which in turn helps you reach out to a wider audience. You’ll have direct contact with both existing and potential customers. Your participation in social media provides the opportunity to build and strengthen your brand.

Social media integration with a website


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