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Web Design

Why Macedonian web design

If your company is a little one, a family business or one man project and want to succeed in this terribly competitive world its presence on internet is just one big MUST. If you are not a big international corporation doesn’t mean that your chances to be seen are minimal. On the contrary, since internet is a huge platform connecting people in many different ways, having a website with web pages especially created and designed for small businesses is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your presence, ideas and your business.

Combining the advantages of the massive growth of the internet and the latest technologies for the mobile devices, web design for small companies and family businesses could give you a kick start and that little push that you need. No matter what device is a user using, whether it is a tablet, mobile telephone or a PC the web design of your website should ensure that the user experience is always fluid across the various platforms and gives maximum satisfaction.
Makedonski Prevodi & Web Design offers you a well designed website using the latest web design trends which give the opportunity to a small company to advertise their products or services cheaper and to establish their presence faster. Well designed web pages will bring your customers closer to your business and hopefully make them purchase from you

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macedonian web design

Functional Web Sites

Does your business need a functional website that reaches out to your customers?. Does it work and for whom does it work ?We make sure it works for the cusomers

  • Fast loading websites
  • Easy to search and navigate
  • Mobile Ready
  • Adаpted to your audience
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Optimized Web Sites

How can well optimized website help your web presence to become more profitable and your web pages to be easy to understand for humans and search engines

  • Search engine optimization
  • Multichannel optimization
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
  • National and Local Level Research
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Social Media Integration

How can you make use of social networking websites to show your brand, services or products in a better way. It is not easy but we can help you with doing that the right way

  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linked In
  • Integrating and optimizing the webpage with them
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menaging website

Website management

We can help you to update, ad and optimize new content, remove outdated information and maintain your website. Simply we could act as your own webmaster..

  • Uploading blog posts
  • Changinging general company information
  • Telephone & email support
  • Updating your website software

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seo optimization

Web content writing

Remember that CONTENT is king and bad content makes visitors to leave your webpages fast. We can help you rewrite the poor content of your website making it attractive and interesting!

  • Inventory and Audits of your Content
  • Assistance with the entire content
  • Content creation and promotion
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web graphics

Web Graphics design

We sketch ideas first and then we design the materials from the original sketch which has been approved by you. We can also manage the entire printing process from the website designs

  • Demographic Research
  • Geographic Research
  • Psychographic Research
  • National and Local Level Research
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